Ariel Wood

Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Ariel Wood is finishing up her Bachelor’s of Fine Art at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Emphasizing in printmaking, painting, and drawing, her newer work has begun to incorporate more sculpture and installation based materials and processes. As an undergraduate art student, barista, and radio DJ, Ariel Wood finds inspiration from many facets of her life. Her artistic and theoretical interests include the feminine, post-indexical, site-specific, and postmodern.


Artist Statement

The concepts of solitude and companionship are often considered at odds. Within a relationship an individual can feel a part of, beside, and/or separate from another person. It is often most true that within a relationship each individual will feel varying degrees of all three. To create the distinction between alone and together as contrary, rejects the complexity of emotional and psychological underpinnings that exist within ourselves as we relate to one another.

Relating to the palpability of absence, quiet, introspective pieces allow for a rest. Absence is present. Spaces are created to let the viewer descend into a wholly enveloping space of reflection. Enfolded in this sense of calm, images of the familiar made uncanny bring new concepts to socially constructed notions. Forms we associate with comfort, intimacy, and vulnerability are rendered through mediums that suggest new insights. The fabric that envelops us as we sleep holds a history of our presence, just as it might contain the presence of another. It is connected to the body for such lengths at a time that it becomes a body of its own. Absorbing the remnants of previous interactions within its impressions and folds, each form only increases in awareness. A pillow can never entirely return to its unimpressed state.